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Project initiator: Government of Kaluga Region represented by the regional Ministry of Economic Development
Location: within city limits of Kaluga, 25 km from M3 Ukraine highway, 15 km from the R-132 Kaluga-Tula-Ryazan motorway
Land category: industrial


11 industrial enterprises and 2 other projects started operations (Kaluga International Airport JSC, Antonius Medvision Kaluga-Emergency Medical Service LLC:

  • AGR Automotive Group – car manufacturer. 28.11.2007 – opening of the plant and launch of SKD production.
  • AGR Automotive Group – manufacturer of car combustion engines. Opening ceremony – September 4, 2015.
  • Gestamp-Severstal-Kaluga LLC (Russia/Spain) – manufacturing of formed car body parts. In 2013, launched 2 new lines for large sized part forming. The plant currently has 5 stamping lines and 2 transfer presses. Located on the territory of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC.
  • Severstal-Gonvarri-Kaluga LLC (Russia/Spain) – metal service center. Opening ceremony held on 13.07.2010. Production capacity – 170,000 tons of rolled steel per year. Located on the territory of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC.=
  • Branch of MS Automotive Kaluga JSC  – manufacturing and painting of bumpers, frontal modules, radiator grills and dashboard panel frames for automobiles. Opening ceremony held on 28.10.2010. Lot area – 7 hectares.
    Success Story of the company
  • Yapp Rus Automotive Systems LLC (China) – manufacturing of plastic fuel tanks. Opening ceremony held on 06.07.2011. Lot area – 2 hectares.
  • Fuyao Glass Rus LLC (China) – automotive glass manufacturer. Opening ceremony held on 07.09.2013. Lot area – 13 hectares.
  • Berlin-Pharma JSC (Germany/Italy) – pharmaceutical plant (Mezym Forte, Falimint, Kurantil, etc.) Production launched in December 2013, opening ceremony held on 19.05.2014. Lot area – 5 hectares.
  • Benteler Automotive LLC (Germany) – manufacturer of automotive suspension parts. Opening ceremony held on 01.06.2010.
  • SMRC automotive technology Ru LLC – production of car interior parts. The opening took place in 2010.
  • Novo Nordisk Production Support LLC (Denmark) – insulin production. Lot area – 5 hectares. Construction is complete and equipment installed. The company has obtained a license for manufacturing on insulin and has launched production in standard operating mode. Opening ceremony held on April 10, 2015.
  • Kaluga International Airport JSC – the company has been operating since 2015.
  • Antonius Medvision Kaluga-Emergency Medical Service LLC – provision of medical services. The company has been operating since 2015.

Benteler Automotive LLC and SMRC automotive technology Ru LLC are residents of the A-Park project that is implemented on a 20-hectare lot. A-park offers built-to-suit buildings, i.e. construction in accordance with individual requirements of future clients. The project offers construction of production and warehousing facilities for suppliers and manufacturers of automotive components, thus creating conditions for efficient operation of automotive companies in Kaluga Region.

One enterprise is under construction:
Experimental Design Bureau of Microelectronics JSC – construction of clean premises to install high-tech process line for integrated circuit crystal-growing.

А-Park – specialized project to host small companies
It is located at the territory of Grabtsevo Industrial Park. Surface — 26 ha


  • Built-to-Suit facilities
  • Possibility of lease of industrial premises, including the territory adjoining major car manufacturing group
  • Readily-available logistics capacities
  • Developed utilities infrastructure


  • Benteler Automotive LLC — production of suspension parts; in operation since 2010;
  • SMRC automotive technology Ru LLC  — the company has been manufacturing car door panels since  2010. The products are mainly supplied to enterprises of Kaluga automotive cluster.



  • Land preparation: Vertical planning and ground stabilization performed on lots 1 (car manufacturing plant), 2 (importer’s warehouse) and 4 (supplier park) of Grabtsevo industrial park, with a combined area of 649 hectares.
  • Power supply: Power is supplied from three feed centers: PS 110/20 kV Avtozavod, PS 110/10 kV PRMZ and PS 110/10 kV Malinniki via RP-10 kV Sloboda and RP-20 kV.
  • Gas supply: The industrial park has full access to gas supply.
  • Heating: The park provides options for connection to heat supply systems.
  • Water and sanitation: The park has adequate water supply and sewage networks.
  • Storm water drainage: Gabion storm water filtering facilities in place. Storm water drainage system built on lot 4 (supplier park).
  • Roads: The industrial park had an adequate network of IV category roads.
  • Railway. Completed reconstruction of Perspektivnaya station (principal resident – Volkswagen Group Rus LLC):

– Laid two receipt and departure lines with useful length of 1050 m each;
– Increased station necks;
– Built 4 ramps;
– Completed reconstruction of the station’s cross joints;
– Completed reconstruction of signaling, centralization and blocking;
– Connected the restricted use railway access line to the station’s general use lines.

  • Communications: Telephone communications and high speed Internet throughout the park.

Terms of accommodation

  • compensation-based
  • utilities included in price of lot

About the park in numbers

Total area
390 hectares
Vacant for investors
13,6 hectares
Assigned Industrial Park status
on October 7, 2009

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